Guest Post 21: Scott Ng - OneThreeOneFour

I first met Scott and team a few years ago when I was coaching them as they launched their business. The team are back with a new venture for all you soon-to-be brides and grooms to try!

Still can't decided to head overseas for your wedding photoshoot? Here we address 10 myths that surrounds overseas pre-wedding photoshoots.

For most couples, the idea of getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done in your dream destination is very exciting! However, planning for one can be a frustrating affair. Soon-to-wed couples are often bummed with these questions when they think about overseas pre-wedding photoshoots. We're here to help you answer these questions!

1. Overseas wedding photoshoot costs at least 7K
Nah, just because you did it locally for 5K doesn't mean it costs more overseas. You'll be surprised to find that for less than USD 1000 you can get access to really good wedding photographers in Korea, Taiwan and Bali.

2. I heard they'll hard-sell with you add-ons!
Yea, we've heard about those that hard-sell you with all the add-ons. Most wedding photographers on OneThreeOneFour will provide you with all high-res copies of your photos. You can also clearly see the number of edited photos that they are providing. No hard-selling online. You don't need to feel as though you're not bargaining hard enough and losing out. Because prices and photoshoot package information are clear and upfront, you can take your time to browse at wedding photoshoot without worries

3. What about the gown and suit?
There are two ways to this, either rent one at your destination city or you fly in with your own gown. Some photographers would include gown rental in their pre-wedding photoshoot packages. Check out Bali Pixtura, May Studio, Gary Chiu Photography. Even if you're looking for Hanbok or Kimono we got you covered.

4. How often would you really look at your wedding photos?
You may, or you may not. But at the end of the day, it's like a testimony of your marriage. So that 50 years down the road, you can look back at your photos and reminisce the moment. Check out some concepts that would make your photos mean more than just "another-beautiful-wedding-album", by documenting your date, your daily at-home life with a more journalistic approach. Wedding is an important event for a couple and it is the process that matters! So as long as both of you enjoy the process.

5. But there would be communication breakdown!
No worries, most of our photographers speaks English! In any case, they will indicate the languages that they can communicate in! Some photographers provide translators too! OneThreeOneFour's built-in messaging function makes it easy to communicate with the photographer. So you can always double check what is included and what is excluded with the photographer.

6. Is it even safe? There is no local or nearby office...
You have nothing to worry about. To protect you, your payment will only be transferred to the photographer after the photoshoot is complete. OneThreeOneFour handles the payment and safeguards your money for you.

7. It's gonna be so hectic!
Most pre-wedding photoshoots can be accomplished within one day, unless you're aiming to catch the sunrise. If you're renting a gown in your destination, you will only need 3 days maximum (1st day for a fitting, 3rd day for the photoshoot), others may have it all done in a single day. Since you're already overseas, why don't extend your stay and take a break from all the pre-wedding planning work.

Through these 7 questions and answers, we hope you can see the pros and cons of getting an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot. But hey, at the end of the day, what is most important is you and your hubby have an enjoyable experience.

Now that you're all set to go for your photoshoot, find and book an overseas wedding photoshoot at OneThreeOneFour.

Photographers: Lee Haeng Won Photography, Yingchi Wu