Exhibition Review - The Price of Neglect - Lu Guang (China)

Went to an awesome exhibition this weekend with my friend Wendy.
I have shared some pictures below. Check it out @ Deck (Prinsep Street, Singapore). 
Open until 4th July. Link to site here

"Lu Guang confronts us with the compelling and terrifying truth about the astronomical human and environmental costs of China’s rapid industrialisation. From the twisted beauty of tortured landscapes to intimate portraits of ordinary folk suffering from the worst effects of industrial pollution, Lu’s beautifully composed and intensely coloured photographs weave a dramatic narrative. While the world marvels at the spectacular rate of China’s economic growth, Lu’s photojournalism shines an uncomfortably bright spotlight on the plight of those at the lower rungs of Chinese society who often pay the cost of – and yet are ignored in – the country’s quest for advancement. Through his uncompromising lens which demands accountability, Lu has captured a plethora of stories, from peasant farmers who contracted HIV/AIDS after trading their blood for fertiliser, to the courageous fire-fighters who cleaned up the Dalian oil spill"