A trick to help you make decisions quickly and easily

Making big decisions can be stressful and difficult. Often we know from gut instinct which option we want to take but then start overanalysing the situation. This leads to wasted time and stress.

I used to find it very difficult to make big decisions. I would worry about the missed opportunity of option B if I chose option A. Worrying about which ever path I chose would make me anxious. In hindsight I realised that often all the options were positive and I was taking the joy out of the outcome by being stressed by the decision-making process!

In one particular instance I was trying to decide between 2 investment opportunities. I had researched them fully and understood the upside from both to be roughly equal. However I could just not get myself to commit to a decision and spent a couple of days agonising over a fairly trivial thing. When I think about it, it seems really silly. This wasn't an important decision about health or family.  I was taking a disproportionate amount of time to decide between 2 positive outcomes. I needed to get better at making decisions.

6 months later and I faced another decision. I had to choose between 2 jobs. Both were equally interesting to me and the rewards were the same. I started researching decision making and stumbled upon a great little trick called "scrunching"

Often when making a decision we actually know which outcome we really want. So I wrote both options down on separate pieces of paper and scrunched them up. I then told myself that I had to choose which ever option was written on the paper I picked up first. 

The key thing here is note your reaction to the option you pick. If it is one of relief then go with that option. If you have a disappointed sinking feeling in your stomach then do not go with the option. Your first reaction will tell you which option you really want.

Next time you have an important decision to make that might send you into an unproductive loop of overanalysis, try scrunching! I would love to hear examples of tough decisions that you made using this trick.