Wisdom of Crowds: 8 little tips for myself 8 years ago

Over the last few months, I have been collecting little bits of advice from strangers that I meet on my travels. Most of these conversations occurred on aeroplane flights and the vast majority of the interviewees were men. 

I asked all these people to share a brief and simple piece of advice that they would have shared with themselves 8 years ago. For example, if the person was 48 years old, I would ask them to take advantage of the benefit of hindsight and share some advice with their 40 year old self.

Over the same period of time, I have also been reading a lot about graphic design and user interfaces for software products/apps. I came across a fantastic app called Canva which has come out of Australia. Canva basically helps anyone become a graphic designer. It makes design really simple.

The infographic above is a happy marriage between these 2 recent curiosities of mine: the excerpts of interviews with strangers PLUS my recent experimentation with design. It is the first time I have ever created an infographic by myself.

So...what tips would you give to your yourself 8 years ago with the benefit of hindsight?