Singapore: Mo'th Money Mo'th Problems

Move over Solange Knowles - there is a new sheriff in town on the blogosphere and he goes by the name of Lyssa Zampa or the Tropical Swallowtail Moth. 

LZ and his pals have been spotted all over Singapore in recent days. Attracted to the bright lights of venues such as the Jalan Basar Stadium and the Turf Club Racetrack at Kranji, these 16cm wide invaders have arrived a little earlier in the year than normal.

The Lyssa Zampa is native to Singapore and SE Asia and can be found from May to August. These noctural creatures are attracted to bright lights but during the day they prefer to rest in cool, shady places. They are said to breed in forested areas and its caterpillars feed on the leaves of Endospermum (rubber family). The last similar moth boom was in 2005. 

Despite their penchant for diving into the faces of humans, the moths are not dangerous at all.