Food Pervert - Suprette@Kam Leng Hotel, Jalan Basar

It is not often that I feel compelled to write a restaurant review. Today was different.
D and I live very close to the Kam Leng Hotel but had never been inside. As we walked past today with our tummies rumbling, we decided to venture in and try the cosy little restaurant in the lobby.

Suprette did not disappoint. The menu looked interesting at first glance and when we mentioned we were vegetarian, the response was met with a friendly smile as opposed to a terrified frown. It was a good start.

D ordered the poached eggs on Spinach and Potato Cakes. It was hearty and tasty with quite a generous portion of rye toast. The wait staff kindly allowed her to switch out the ham for some bubble and squeak. It was refreshing to make such a request and not be met with a standard "cannot" or a look of complete bemusement.

I ordered a Shakshuka that was on par with anything I ate in Tel Aviv (but obviously not as good as anything by my friend Yaniv). Again the wait staff kindly accommodated my request to switch out the sausage for the bubble and squeak. The spices were perfect and there was the right balance between egg and tomato. The bread was at the perfect temperature.

There are so many new cafes and brunch places popping up in the Jalan Basar area now but this was one of the best meals we had had in a while. I strongly recommend going to try it!