Guest Post 18: "Media Sales to Media Darling" - Jack Turner

The story below is from an old colleague and friend of mine, Jack Turner. Jack made a brave move from the corporate world to become an actor/musician. You can follow his inspiring (and sarcastic at times) story below and maybe you may even want to ask him how he did it...?

This is the story about how Parin kinda changed my life. After working with him in Google London and realizing I couldn't be as smart, charismatic (but equally sarcastic) as him I buggered off to San Francisco to try and find my niche at the Google offices there. It was cool for a while, but I realized I was just implementing all his learnings in the international community and I needed to really change to get free of his shadow.

Then a curious thing happened. Every day when I got the bus from Mountain View to San Francisco, I would see this huge sign on this building of this gorgeous woman. One day I decided to check it out and I found it was an acting school.

So, I started going to acting classes to 'find my self' and break away from my attempts to be like Parin. After a couple years of classes, and shedding Paz-like habits of saying "Kaboom" periodically, I decided to quit my job and move to LA so I could finally break free.

But now here I am, on his blog. Kaboom! He was looking for people to share their stories about following their dreams and eventually he persuaded me to share...!

I am enjoying my new life. Things have been going really well in LA and I am glad I made the decision to follow my interests. I just shot a movie called The 10 Year Plan and I'm in the middle of pre-production on another great movie for which we're raising financing. You can see more details at themoleskindiary.com (see video above)

We have a great crew and the cast is terrific. I am fortunate to be working with some very talented people. Please check it out and share it if you like it! My band Cable Car is going to do the music. We had a successful 2013 so we're excited about what we can do on this movie.

If you ever come through LA please drop me a comment below and I would love to tell you more about it all. I hope this encourages you to drop the thing you are doing if it is not the thing you want to be doing. When Parin and I worked closely together I never envisaged being able to make a living from the things I really love. I hope you can do this too!