Spirited Away - The Music of Joe Hisaishi

D bought me a lovely surprise gift in the form of two tickets to see a Joe Hisaishi concert in Singapore. While I prefer more of his stuff collaborating with Office Kitano, it was nice to see more of the Studio Ghibli type music. There was a crowd of nearly 4000 people with a large number carrying glowsticks and cheering enthusiastically after every number.

We were really impresssed by the full orchestra featuring strings, percussion, wind, piano and brass. There was even a narrator to talk through the story of Totoro. All in all a great evening and an amazing performance from conductor Joshua Tan and the SSO!

- Oriental Wind for orchestra
- My Neighbour Totoro
- Departures for violin, cello and orchestra
- Saka No Ue No Kumo for orchestra
- One Summer's Day (from Spirited Away) for piano and orchestra
- Kiki's Delivery Service for piano, percussion and strings
- Summer (from Kikujiro) for piano and orchestra
- Water Traveller for orchestra