3 things we have learnt from creating Pundressed (www.fb.com/pundressed)

About a month ago, D and I were coming back from India. We spent our entire trip making silly childish jokes and doing clothes shopping for our upcoming wedding. While on the plane back, we decided that it would be fun to combine both these things and create some t-shirts with silly puns on them.

24 hours later, Pundressed was born....

We started listing down future designs right away and putting them into production. We have already sold a significant number of t-shirts but there is plenty more to do. We have lots more to learn but in the mean time this is what we discovered:

1. Fail Fast
- There are some designs that we thought would sell but did not at all. Evidently they were only amusing to us! Conversely there were shirts that we thought were average but other people seemed to love.
- Learning: Put many designs out as often and as fast as you can. If something does not sell, cut it and spend time focusing on those which are popular

2. Listen to your friends (micro-cronyism)
- We have had some great input on both design and marketing from friends. We have also asked friends to help spread the word of what we are doing.
- Learning: Get as many people involved as possible in the design and marketing process. This will help you validate ideas fast and your friends will honestly tell you when your ideas are bad.

3. Timing is everything
- We have been using Twitter, FB and Google+ to spread the word about our designs. The difference in results and reaction between a post at 9am on a Monday and 8pm on a Thursday is incredible.
- Learning: Resist the temptation to share new designs as soon as they are ready. Think about when your target market are online and when they might best react to news of a new design.

You can see all our current designs at www.fb.com/pundressed - please tell us what you think. If you have ideas please let us know and we can dedicate a shirt to you ("Bangain" and "BigShrimpin" were both born from ideas that our friends had..!)

Current Campaigns (available for purchase):