Get a synthetic MBA for $0

Ok. I acknowledge the title is sensationalist but I had to do just enough to distract you from sending salacious selfies on snapchat for 3mins. 

So while there is no such thing as a free lunch, man has always found innovative ways to build synthetic versions of expensive outcomes. A lazy arbitrage if you will.

As many of us contemplate new year resolutions, I wanted to share some thoughts on getting a business education as there will be many people making a plan about how to get one in 2014.

An MBA is a great experience. You meet lovely people and learn many things but it costs lots of time and money. The 4 steps below while slightly tongue-in-cheek will help you replicate some of the outcomes that you would want after dropping $100k for a brand name MBA. At the very least it will help you verify whether it is worth taking time out to go to business school. 

1. Watch all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad 
-> Video case study on negotiation, team-building, leverage and risk-taking

2. Listen to your grandparents stories
-> Stories about building relationships, being resilient and having fun

3. Read "Anti-Fragile" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb 
-> Guide to making decisions and thriving in ambiguity and volatility

4. Remember "What is not intelligible to me is not necessarily unintelligent." (Nietzsche)
-> Reminder to keep asking questions and to stay inquisitive.

Have a great 2014 and I wish you all the best in prosperity, health and love.