GUEST POST 17 - Eve Law @ Flashwants - 5 simple steps to make things happen!

5 Dead Simple Steps to Make Things Happen.
You have so many things that you want to do, but at the end of the day, nothing is actually happening. Sounds familiar?

1.     Jot it down.

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This may be a no-brainer but we often don’t do it. It’s dead simple, write it down! When you’re a kid, your mum tells you to be organised and write down the things that you need to do. Just flip out your notebook, write it down or even doodle something.

2.     Make an announcement.

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Say it out loud to everyone. Tell your friends. Make it a public commitment. Now you have your best friends policing you, making sure you do not eat that ice cream late at night.

3.     Find a best-looking photo of your dream and stare it down.

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It keeps you tempted and hungry for it. Engaging your desires through your senses everyday makes you want to make it happen.

4.     Talk about them. A LOT.

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Talking about those dreams helps you to keep them at the top of your mind. You’ll get different responses from your friends. Some will suggest micro steps, some will give you a hand, some will encourage you to just do it. #YOLO. Keeping them at the top of your mind makes you excited and helps to remove procrastination.

5.     Finding partners-in-crime.

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It’s always better to have a friend to do things with you. Hotpot is best eaten with a group of friends. You get more daring when your friend volunteers to go bungee jumping with you. You get more determined to stay fit when you have a gang of gym buddies. Need I say much? Having partners-in-crime pushes you to make things happen.

Start making things happen! NOW.

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This post first appeared on FlashWants’s blog.

Eve is the co-founder of FlashWants - a free social app that helps you to automagically find images to express your wants. Download the iOS App here.