Mikito Ozeki - Cut Out

D and I went to a fantastic exhibition by Japanese artist Mikito Ozeki currently running at Ikkan Art Gallery in Singapore.

Ozeki-san cuts large of paper with a small knife to produce intricate designs that you can see in the video. Ikkan-san who runs the gallery explained to us that the works are created in one take and that the artist does not use any pictures or sketches to guide his work.

Ozeki-san was a keen judo player who was then injured and had to look for a new hobby. He has not had any formal artist training but his ability to cut large sheets of paper in one take suggest a very rare type of spatial awareness and intelligence.

If you have 20 minutes and are near Vivo City looking for an escape from another soul-destroying trip to a noisy shopping mall then I reccomend a visit to meet the delightful Ikkan-san at his gallery. You can see more of the work of Ozeki-san at http://www.mikito.jp/