The Last Village in Singapore -> Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Kampong is the Malay word for village and once upon a time the people of Singapore lived in such small villages. Over time, the modern day image of Singapore to most foreigners has become one of modern skyscrapers, efficient infrastructure and clean streets. My curiosity to view how Singapore once was lead me to take a bus trip down to Kampong Lorong Buangkok today.

There were no other tourists around and we saw the residents of the Kampong going about their everyday lives. We saw a man on a phone talking to his friend and another man tending to chickens. I was amazed how close to a main road we were and yet how different life in the kampong appeared to that in the rest of Singapore. It felt very tranquil to be away from the everyday distractions of daily life and to see how nature and man co-exist here in harmony.

I would recommend taking a visit to the Kampong if you are curious about how life in Singapore once was and you can find directions here. Please remember to be respectful about the fact that this is where other people live as some of the residents have complained about disrespectful tourists. Below are some photos I took in the Kampong.