Pop Idol - Jakarta Style

A few months ago on one of my regular business trips to Jakarta, I went for dinner and drinks with 2 INSEAD friends Maxime and Adi. We decided to jump in Adi's car and go for a little night adventure around Jakarta. We had some dinner and headed over to the port area to check out an acoustic show at Cafe Batavia.

As we headed back to the car, we saw some flashing lights from an abandoned building. Determined to squeeze a bit more adventure out of the evening, we went down a dark alley and up some derelict stairs to find some loud music. There were bright lights everywhere and a gaggle of young attractive women. In a haze of Marlboro Red smoke sat a cool but ageing Indonesian rockstar. We had stumbled onto the set of a music video (see above) by the renowned Ari Lasso and before we knew it we were surrounded by groupies (N.B. belonging to Ari not us) and shaking to the music. Pak Lasso smiled over at us and welcomed us while exchanging a few words of Bahasa with Adi. As we watched his face being touched up by the attractive stylist, we tried to figure out what was going on. It was a nice surprise for a Tuesday night in Jakarta...!