5 steps to the perfect shaven head

This post is dedicated to all the chaps out there who are ready to surrender to nature and go for a Kojak. Oh and also to Sinead O'Connor.

It could be the advent of summer or it could be that many of my friends are hitting that special stage in life where nature blesses them with a sunroof instead of strong scalp coverage. Either way I have been getting a lot of questions about the perfect way to shave a head.

I am a man of few talents but head-shaving is one that I feel I can talk reasonably confidently too. If Malcolm Gladwell was looking for a 10000 hours case study, I would be hopeful of a call asking for the details of my contribution to the market capitalisation of Gillette or my dedication to the advancement of aloe vera gel.

I have been shaving my head now for 10 years. It started because I was exercising a lot and finding it annoying to wash my hair. I also have ridiculously thick hair that just puffs up like a tennis ball left out in the rain. I find head-shaving to be comfortable and therapeutic. While a female can go and get her nails done or have a facial, there are very few indulgent treatments available for men. A monthly trip to a barber shop is one that I would encourage you to partake in.

However if you are more of a DIY man (or woman..!) then here are 5 top tips for getting that perfect chrome-dome....

1. Start in the shower
There is no greater tragedy for a scalped gent than a pock-marked and blood-strewn bonce. A shower will help soften the hair and make the razor blade glide easily across your head. In the absence of time, a hot towel will help achieve the very same effect.

2. Use good product
I would encourage you to experiment here but find a product that works best for you. Whether you go for oil or cream, make sure you apply liberally so that the razor can waltz and glide at will over your skin.

3. Choose a good tool
Moisturising strip vs. vibrating blade vs. laser pointer guidance (ok I may have made the last one up) - the range of choice here is endless. I like to keep things simple with a Gillette Mach3 but do try a few until you feel comfortable.

4. Follow a good process
It is important to shave in the direction of the hair growth. At first you will need a smart combination of mirrors to ensure you do not leave the house with half a head of hair still in place. After a few months of practice you will be able to use your intuition to check whether you have done an adequate job. It helps to have a trusted significant other to check your work.

5. Moisturise liberally
Perhaps THE most important step. I personally go through industrial quantities of aloe vera gel on a monthly basis. If you are new to the scalping game then I would suggest a bit of sunblock too to help your newly exposed sunroof become acclimatised.

You are now ready to remove your self from the shackles of hair-gel and regular visits to overpriced salons. Liberate those follicles and join an exclusive brethren today - if you decide to get the brain tattoo as elegantly depicted above then I would love to sponsor it....!