Hacking through the Night -> Hazemeter.blogspot.com

Today was a strange day. I went to the dentist and after having some teeth pulled I found myself at a loose end and with a numb face. My good friend Yaniv called as he was in the area and we went to a veggie restaurant so I could eat some soup.

As we tend to do, Yaniv and I talked about startup ideas and what we have recently thought of. Yaniv talked me through a venture he is working on and soon we talked about how people develop content in reaction to breaking news. We both had a simultaneous lightbulb moment and left the restaurant to start work on Haze Meter.

The aim of Haze Meter is to provide disparate parts of news and parody all in one place. Several news sources report that the haze will be bad again this week so we are hoping to help and advise those who visit our site.

We went home and within 5 hours (including time to chat and put the world to rights) we managed to create the site that you can see. Please use the twitter hashtag #hazemeter to share your thoughts.

Please stay safe in the haze if you are in MY/ID or SG!