Back to School

If you have followed this blog for a while you may remember me mentioning my favourite class on the INSEAD MBA. It was called Technology Venturing Practicum and it was through this class that we were able to form a team to commercialise speech to singing technology (see pitch video above). Professor Virginia Cha is a great teacher and coach. Her "tough love" always pushed us to think of bigger and better ideas to incorporate into our plans.

So it was an honour to be invited back last week by her to teach a session of TVP for the current MBA class.  Yap Neng Giin (supergeek extraordinaire from MSFT) and I talked about the role of innovation at our respective companies. The class of about 30 students had some great questions and challenged us to think on our feet. 

It was great to be back at INSEAD after graduating last year and was fun to teach a class. Looking forward to doing more of the same in the future.