Nutritional Charts 2.0 and the art of presenting data

About 2 years ago after my back surgery, my doctor told me to watch what I ate as I could not exercise for a while. When I started to study the normal nutritional advice that you see on the side of food, I found the messages to be generally unpleasant as they deter you from eating deliciousness. I decided to put a new twist on this information and create my own versions. This was fun because I had a chance to combine 2 things I love to look at on the internet - pictures of food and infographics. A few months later, I was invited to share some of these thoughts at a Pechakucha event and at an INSEAD alumni event (see video above).

I decided to resurface some of the images as I am currently on a diet ahead of my wedding ;) Enjoy the presentation and the graphics below...! I might add a few more soon.