GUEST POST #7: Learnemy by Elisha Tan

This weekend I met with local entrepreneur Elisha Tan and we had a great chat about ambitions for the future and the entrepreneurship community in Singapore. I am looking forward to seeing her succeed and helping her out a little with some PR and marketing. Here is a little about Elisha and her venture in her own words...

Being female with a social science background, Elisha Tan does not seem like the typical technology entrepreneur, but armed with passion and determination, the 23-year-old recent psychology graduate taught herself programming and has launched her Internet venture, Learnemy, to some 400 users.

Elisha saw a problem with how young people give up chasing their dreams for a stable job because their passions were not economically viable. Although it's a rational decision, it doesn't sit well with her. "I believe that people should be able to make a living doing what they like to do", she shares. 

Learnemy does that by helping people make money from teaching their skills. It is an online marketplace that connects people with instructors for anything they want to learn. To be connected to an instructor, the student only needs to post his/her requirements for budget and location and anyone who is able to meet these requirements can offer to teach.