Helping migrant workers in Singapore

As part of a CSR initiative at work, I spent yesterday afternoon with some colleagues helping Indonesian domestic workers to use email and the internet to find work. The charity we were working with is called HOME and they aim to help foreign, low-waged workers in Singapore. By helping many become computer literate, it is hoped that domestic workers can return to their home countries and take higher skilled jobs closer to their families. The mass exodus of mothers from Philippines and Indonesia has lead in part to the break down of family environments and there are fears that a generation of children are growing up without the support of a functional family.

The afternoon was a lot of fun and the students were very enthusiastic to learn. We set them up with Gmail accounts and showed them how to use video chat. We then worked on compiling very simple resumes and showed them how to search for opportunities on online job boards. There was plenty of laughter and joking throughout and I was impressed by how the students kept up with the fast pace of the lesson.

For more information on the work of HOME, please check out their website here