GUEST POST #6: "12 months after the Tsunami" by Dom Swire

I was delighted and flattered when Parin asked me to post my video on this blog. We lived in Japan at the same time which is where we first met.

The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that hit Japan in March 2011 is a story close to my heart. A few years ago I lived in Miyagi prefecture, not far from Fukushima and many of the coastal towns that suffered unimaginable damage. So when I heard the news, my thoughts immediately turned to friends and colleagues in the area. Although living relatively close in Beijing, I felt a million miles away. Over the next couple of months I galvanised local and foreign staff at China Radio International to generously donate a truckload of supplies, which were sent to the charity in Tokyo featured in the video. But I wanted to do more. So when the anniversary came round I persuaded my editors to allow me to travel back to Miyagi to see for myself how the country is coping one year after disaster.

I hope you find the video interesting. If you are interested to see more, here are a few links to further coverage from China Radio International below. Thanks, Dom

Listen to the radio version of this report here:

Dominic's live call-in from Japan:

What did we Learn from Fukushima?