What I wasn't able to do this year -> 中文

Since I graduated a month ago, friends have asked whether the MBA at INSEAD was worth it. It definitely was - I had a great time and learnt a lot. When I started I made a short list of things I wanted to do in 2011 and I managed to succeed on all of them....except one...!

1. Have fun and meet new people
2. Travel to lots of places and see lots of things
3. Learn Mandarin
4. Work on a business plan and think about how to execute it.
5. Take lots of risks - say yes more than no

It would be fair to say that I made no progress on learning Mandarin. Very close to none bar a few greetings.  So in the 3 weeks I have before I start work again I am going to focus on making a good dent into this effort. I have a Pimsleur Mandarin course downloaded and if the striking advert is correct, I should be chatting away within 10 days (lets see...). 
Just in time to land in Singapore and harass unsuspecting waiting staff in hawker centres of Chinatown - wish me luck!