Unhyped Internet - Vinod Khosla

We are in a whole new world of platforms, a post-PC era, which I’d more aptly describe as the always/everywhere era, finally, and that means a whole new set of opportunities. Add to it the fact that because of a variety of factors too numerous to cover here, the cost of experimentation has gone down dramatically (one can start a web startup or write an Android app with no more than a student credit card!) and raw computing power is taken for granted.

Personally, it is hard to see all the areas in which some disruptive or large new segment idea will take off, but it is clear that there are many. So when going fishing for these, I have defined certain pools that are more interesting than others in which to fish. I call them the “unhyped dozen” (to go with my energy investing activities, which I call the “clean dozen”) and am hoping the readers of this post can add another dozen. Treat them as potential fishing ponds rather than predictions. Some of these areas will end up pretty unremarkable and others unmentioned here will surprise us (so, to you entrepreneurs, hang on to your idea I failed to mention).

So here they are, with some examples drawn both from inside and outside of our portfolio to illustrate what I mean:

Data Reduction or Filters (Siri, Donna, Recorded Future, and many others)
Big data or Analytics (Ness, Billguard, The Climate Corporation, Kaggle, Datasift)
Emotion (Foodspotting, Ness, Instagram)
Education 2.0 (it’s early, but Altius, Khan Academy, CK12, Udacity)
TV 2.0 (Miso, Flingo, Maker Studios, both first and second screen apps as well as content production & sourcing)
Social Next (intersecting with all the interest graph stuff and verticals like Github, Coursekit, and Researchgate)
Interest-based networks (where Meebo is pivoting to, Twitter, Snip.it, State)
Health 2.0 (Jawbone UP, Nike Fuelband, Empatica, BodyMedia, MC10, Fitbit, iBike, Recon, Withings, Alivecor)
Internet of Things/Universal ID/NFC/Smart sensors (a technology with the applications still to emerge)
Personal Collaborative Publishing (Pinterest, Tumblr, storify, Snip.it)
Utility Apps (Siri, Seatme, Ifttt, Uber, and many, many more)
Marketplaces & Disintermediation (Interview Street, Kaggle, Etsy)

Full article: http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/19/unhyped-internet-and-mobile/