Off Key Standup - Singapore Style

A group of us ventured out into the city last night to see Kumar perform his standup routine. Kumar is a Tamil cross-dresser and is known for his humourous observations about how different racial groups coexist in Singapore.  His democratic tendency to take potshots at every one of Singapore's ethnic groups -- Chinese, Malay and Indian -- allows him to say what he likes without getting into trouble for insulting any one ethnic group. "I am a voice for a lot of Singaporeans," Kumar says seriously. "I discuss their idiosyncrasies, their concerns, and, of course, I talk about sex very openly."

His show was very amusing and we were impressed how he switched seamlessly between English, Singlish, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin. He was extremely reactive to people in the audience and deftly brushed off any heckling and over enthusiastic comments from the crowd. Noone in the audience was safe from his attacks - it was amazing how he pulled people on stage and very quickly dissected their inner psyche!

Take a look at his video and check him out if you are in Singapore. Be warned though that his offensive brand of humour is not for everyone (although I suspect it will be well received by many of you...!)