Want to sing like a Diva?

If you know me well, you will know I am partial to a bit of karaoke. So imagine my delight when we were offered the chance to help some Singaporean engineers commercialise some software they are building to help bad singers to sing well. The basic premise of the software is simple. I read the lyrics of a song and the software takes my voice and fits it to the original version of the song. In effect my spoken prose voice is coverted to pitch perfect musical sweetness. "Where can I get this?" I hear you scream....

Our team (pictured) has been tasked with the job of building a commercialisation plan and pitching for upto $500k from the Singaporean Government. The government is committed to helping entrepreneurial ventures get off the ground and has allocated $50m to do this. As we build out our plan, we are looking to create an app that will allow you to enjoy portable and sharable singing anywhere and anytime. Watch this space for more details on how we get on.....!