On Minimalism

Minimalism and the video above are topics I might have once scoffed at - maybe many of you are the same? Over the last few years though, I have moved around a lot and have intensified my dislike for shopping and collecting "stuff". I think there is something to be gained from leading a simple life - travelling with one bag, a laptop and maybe a few photos. It makes it easier to be flexible and not be arrested by temporary needs and wants. In my travels this year, I have deliberately chosen not to buy souvenirs or T-shirts to remind me of my trip. Aside from food/technology/travel, I have stopped spending time or money on buying consumer products which I might once have bought. My friends tell me I should start dressing up a bit but the humidity of Singapore makes it pretty easy to go with the shorts and flip-flops combo every morning when I come out of the shower. It is a personal preference that not everyone would subscribe to but it fits my approach to daily life pretty well.
I recently came across this blog which nicely outlines some of the more pragmatic ways to lead a simple life. I would love to hear what you think about this approach! Does the minimalist approach work for you?
(Thanks to Ben Shearon for sharing after a recent conversation about living a "light" life!)