Just one more period to go!

These end of period reflections keep coming around too quickly. It is really hard to believe and accept that in around 8 weeks, the MBA will be done and it will be back to civilisation. P4 was probably my favourite period so far at INSEAD. I went on some cool trips, kept meeting great people and gathered some more business ideas to pursue. I took a lot of course credits and worked harder than I expected to but was able to focus on courses around technology innovation, entrepreneurship and management psychology. I was constantly learning about things that already interest me and had a great opportunity to challenge some of the beliefs I had from a previous life. 

As P5 rolls around next week, I will jump in headfirst as CEO of a fictitious company as part of the First Hundred Days acquisition simulation. We have been told to expect calls at 3am and to be ready to make tough decisions on how to run a small business. Before spending the rest of this week celebrating the end of a busy period, I made a brief list of the things I want to do in my last few weeks at INSEAD...

1. Travel more (including a stay at a meditation camp in Thailand where you in silence for 10 days!)
2. Learn Mandarin (this has been on the list every period - need to crack it this time!)
3. Progress and validate Singr business idea through various business venture competitions (Voice to Song phone app)
4. Secure dream job starting in February 2012 back at the big G.
5. Recover fully from back injury and continue stretching and swimming every day.