Dinner at the China Club

As part of our weekend long China Strategy course, we enjoyed a reception dinner at the very exclusive China Club in Singapore. It was a nice break to digest some of the anecdotes we had heard about companies such as Tencent, KFC and Onkyo. We sat down to the banquet just as the sun was setting and began to talk to the CEOs and academics who came to present to us about the various opportunities and challenges of growing a business in a bustling economy. The 8 course meal was delicious and we left the 56th floor of the Capital Tower with a belly full of treats and some delightful views of the Singapore skyline. As we explored the dining hall and function rooms, I noticed a charming quote on the wall.  After a long and very eventful couple of weeks (with no weekend to rest up) the quote was a gentle reminder of what really is important!

聚金聚宝不及集书教子, 扩房扩厅不如宽心容人
“Seek knowledge to teach your children rather than seeking wealth; Expand your heart to accept others rather than expanding your manor"