The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

From 1985 but still very relevant!

"Entrepreneurs seem to be achievement oriented, like to take responsibility for decisions, and dislike repetitive, routine work. Creative entrepreneurs possess high levels of energy and great degrees of perseverance and imagination, which, combined with willingness to take moderate, calculated risks enable them to transform what often began as a very simple, ill-defined idea into something concrete. Entrepreneurs also can instill highly contagious enthusiasm in an organization. They convey a sense of purpose and, by doing so, convince others that they are where the action is. Whatever it is—seductiveness, gamesmanship, or charisma—entrepreneurs somehow know how to lead an organization and give it momentum.

Along with their mystique, however, entrepreneurs can have personality quirks that make them hard people to work with. For example, their bias toward action, which makes them act rather thoughtlessly, sometimes can have dire consequences for the organization. Moreover, some entrepreneurs I have known have had great difficulty taking direction."