3 months to go...!

After flying back from the US 2 weeks ago, I went headfirst into the INSEAD hurricane for P4. This is traditionally when people are busy finding a job, cramming in fun travel and collecting credits to satisfy their academic requirements for graduation. After being out of action for P3, I find myself with a heavy courseload for P4. However a lot of my modules are focused on technology, entrepreneurship and human behaviour so I am happy to do the reading and talk to experts.

On the flight back from America I did 2 things. I watched the motivational video from Kenny Powers that I have posted above. I also scribbled a brief list of things I want to do this period. I cannot believe we finish school in around 3 months time...!

1. Sort out where I will be next year and beyond
2. Sort out what I will be doing next year and beyond
3. Continue to meet interesting people in Singapore and in Asia
4. Recover from back injury and get back to full fitness
5. Do some more trips to fun places in Asia.
6. Finally start seriously learning Mandarin ;)
7. Find someone to rent my flat in London for the 2012 Olympics
8. Work out what to do with captain-cv.com when I go back to work