10 things I have learnt in my mini chase of the American Dream

As I reach the halfway point of my summer in the US, I have been thinking about whether I would want to live in California after school. Here are some of the things I have learnt/remembered/confirmed over the last few weeks as I choose a place to go to after finishing at INSEAD....

1. Always order half a meal - a full one is too much. Many small meals = more chances to eat nice things.
2. I tend to prefer the company of quiet and shy people.
3. Moving abroad to a place away from family and friends is tougher as you get older but you make new and reignite old relationships with people. I am happiest when I am laughing and joking with friends and family.
4. Quick tasks often take a long time to do. Conversely the dreaded tasks can be completed quickly and easily. You never know until you get your hands dirty and wrestle with it.
5. I need to make sure I am never too far away from sunshine, exercise and the beach.
6. I do not enjoy driving but like travelling by train.
7. I spend a large part of my time day-dreaming so I need constant inspiration from colour and bustle.
8. Minimal living is my preferred mode - there is only so many things you need and there are a load of things we buy and keep but do not really need.
9. I need to eat Indian food at least once a week - it gives me special powers.
10. The "half-life" of language skills is way shorter than I realised. If you don't use it, you lose it - and no I am not talking about my English ;)