Half Way Thru the MBA!

It seems like only 10 minutes ago that I started writing this blog to capture my experiences and memories of the INSEAD MBA. We are halfway through the year and face another round of exams this week before flying off to travels, internships and networking trips.

I have really enjoyed my time so far on the programme. I have met a lot of great people and been to some very interesting places. I have had the chance to explore new business opportunities, consolidate existing opportunities and have a think about "what I want to do when I grow up".

P3 has been very interesting and has flown by very quickly. I started out in hospital with a slipped disk after returning from Myanmar. I was amazed by how quickly new friends rallied around to help me recover and get me back into the INSEAD way of life. While I did not study as much as I wanted to this period, I got the chance to meet new people, travel, socialise a lot and think carefully about what I will do in January when I graduate. The Entrepreneurship club that I am leading continued to keep me busy and we were fortunate enough to have some inspiring speakers come and present to us. I also got the chance to perform in a band and to perform in the INSEAD cabaret show (see video above) - 2 things I did not expect to do when I came to Singapore in January!

This weekend I will fly to Beijing to attend the Building Business in China trip. We will be meeting CEOs and Entrepreneurs who will give us an insight into how to capitalise on opportunities in China. This will be a good chance to think about some of the concepts that I learnt in my favourite class this period - Strategies for Asia Pacific. Straight after the trip finishes, I will return to Google for 7 weeks to join the New Business Development team for the summer. This group looks at incubation-exploratory efforts, technology/meta-data licensing, strategic partnerships and alternative distribution for existing and new business initiatives. I cannot wait to spend some time with old friends in the Bay Area who I have not seen since I was last in California. At the end of the internship, I will attend the Building Business in Silicon Valley trip and have another chance to meet and learn from successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs. 

My flight back to Singapore lands at 5am on the Monday morning and I will have 4 hours to rush home, shower and get to school to attend my first class of P4. Oh well - all part of the fun!