Those of you who know me well will be aware that I love being busy and doing lots of different things at once.  So when I was admitted to hospital with back and leg pains this week, I started to worry about how I could keep up with the 100mph INSEAD lifestyle that I am really enjoying and getting accustomed to.

After 3 days in hospital, the doctors told me that I had a herniated disk.  This causes pressure on the nerves in the spine and down into the legs resulting in pain, numbness and reduced mobility. I have been given a lot of painkiller drugs to help my body acclimatise to the change but these seriously affect my mood. So if you catch me at a bad time, don't take it personally ;)

I have now been released and will be concentrating on the exercises and rehabilitation plan that the doctors provided. I am so grateful to my amazing friends and family who have helped me over the last week and who have offered to be there in the next few weeks as I make a full recovery. It really is overwhelming when you realise how many people care.

It is frustrating to not be able to do the things I love doing for now but I figure I will learn something new about myself as I work on getting back to fitness and eventually to a 100mph lifestyle again. As the old saying goes "Shit Happens" and how you deal with it is more important.....!