The Light of Myanmar

I have just returned from 5 days in Burma and I am processing the sights, smells and stories that we had a chance to consume. I really enjoyed the chance to talk to the people about their experiences in a controlled political environment. We were deliberately respectful with our questions and once we established a level of trust and comfort, we were able to hear about the daily lives of the Burmese people in both rural and urban areas. Of particular interest to me was the accessibility to media and internet. Internet access while sparse, seems to be largely unrestricted. Newspapers are freely available but littered with carefully crafted propaganda slogans (as shown in the picture). Overall the accessibility to external news and events is fairly dire as one might expect but surprisingly I did learn about MSFT and their rumoured bid for Skype through the Technology section of the "The Light of Myanmar"

I am looking forward to visiting the country again in the future. It will be interesting to see how much changes and whether the dreams and ambitions of our new friends will ever be realised.