Some really nice vegetarian food.

After our strategy exam today, my friend KS and I decided to go and treat ourselves to some delicious vegetarian food. I had discovered a place by mistake a few weeks ago called Lotus and was looking for an excuse to go there. We spent some time caught up in the traffic of Sinagpore but the wait was well worth it. As we walked into the restaurant, we felt like we had been teleported to a communal dining hall in the middle of Beijing. 

There were hotplates bubbling all over the place and a faint whiff of 白酒 swirled in the air. The unmistakable warbling of a talentless but enthusiastic karaoke superstar rang in the background and camera flashes popped up from every table like a choreographed firework display.

For a fistful of Singapore Dollars, we were given free reign to attack a buffet of mock meat, dim sum, hot pot, noodles, soup and the biggest pile of fruit I have ever seen. Having spent 4 hours dissecting the market strategy of an Israeli pharmaceutical company, we were ready to attack an innocent pile of dim sum and steamed buns in a manner last seen at the banquet tables of Henry VIII. Our frenzied attack on the delicious treats continued unabated when a large bowl of hotpot was delivered to our table complete with mushrooms, beancurd, tofu, seaweed, bok choi, carrots, wantons, mock meat and chillis. Gasping for breathe but determined to scale the peaks of human consumption, we staggered onto some tasty sushi, some crispy spring rolls and some small bowls of ice cream. As I tried to gasp out my newly acquired mandarin vocabulary to ask for the bill and compliment the chefs on their ability to test my endurance, I spotted a carafe of plum tea and worked out the quickest way to get it into my possession. My next move was supposed to be strategic in nature but unfortunately was less Sun Tzu and more Frank the Tank. Sated by the warmth and calming properties of the plum tea, we left the restaurant satisfied, content and 5lbs heavier. The perfect way to forget about exam week at INSEAD.