The Perfect Name

The name of your startup is critically important to its success, and in this email I am going to help you land an amazing name.Think of Google, Yahoo, EBAY, Mahalo, Meetup, Yammer and Mint -- are all six letters or under, generally easy to spell and certainly unique. This is not a coincidence.

Landing a short dotcom domain name in 2010 isn’t easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. I know this because I was able to buy Mahalo.com for $11,000, aday.com for $30,000, 20.com for $70,000, ThisWeekIn.com for $15,000 and Kokua.com for $7,000.

That’s not chump change, but given that the average angel round is $500-$1m, investing five to ten dimes is no big deal.

Great entrepreneurs tackle and solve challenging issues like naming their company well, and if you can’t name your company well, you’re simply not worth investing in...

Full Article: http://launch.is/blog/2010/12/3/how-to-name-your-startup-and-land-the-perfect-domain.html