Notes from the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

2 weeks ago I attended the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. I thought I wrote some thoughts but they have disappeared. Anyway for the sake of my sanity I have reposted below...

Just came back from the bootcamp and it was quite an intense experience. We learnt how to create a plan from inception through to valuation before crafting an ask for venture funding. I worked with 2 classmates to create a plan for an online mentoring platform as the sketch above shows. In a high pressured situation with a lack of sleep, we learnt how to focus on getting the most salient points across in a pitch and how to condense 36 hours of planning into 2 minutes of presentation. While our team did not win the overall prize, we were commended on a strong pitch and our passion for online education. The weekend was the perfect catalyst for me to go away and write a business plan for my online peer-to-peer education platform. I need to spend the next few weeks looking closely at technology options and thinking about a robust pricing strategy. Another thing to add to my ever-growing list of things to do this year at INSEAD....!