Building an online squad of translators

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Razmig Hovaghimian who was our guest speaker at the Insead Entrepreneurship Club. Hovaghimian is the CEO of Viki, an entertainment startup which uses pirate-style practices for a totally legitimate outcome. Just as pirates jump on illegal video files and race to see who can subtitle them first, Viki asks its community to subtitle shows from around the world that it has legally licensed.

The result is a user base that has quadrupled in a year, to 4 million users; and the crowdsourced subtitles being increasingly used by channels and DVD distributors in finished product.

I am looking forward to sitting with Razmig in a few weeks to work out how I can use some of his methods to grow user base for a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform that I am currently working on.