When Smart People are Bad Employees

I really enjoy reading blog posts by Ben Horowitz on venture and entrepreneurship. His posts are insightful, witty and relevant to many of the things I am currently learning about and interested in. And the best bit....he starts every post with a lyrical excerpt! Good example of his work below:

In hi-tech, intelligence is always a critical element in any employee, because what we do is difficult and complex and the competitors are filled with extremely smart people. However, intelligence is not the only important quality. Being effective in a company also means working hard, being reliable, and being an excellent member of the team.

When I was a CEO, this was one of the most difficult lessons for me to learn. I felt that it was my job to create an environment where brilliant people of all backgrounds, personality types, and work styles would thrive. And I was right. That was my job. Companies where people with diverse backgrounds and work-styles can succeed have significant advantages in recruiting and retaining top talent over those that don’t. Still, you can take it too far. And I did... (Full Article)