Building Momentum for the INSEAD Entrepreneurs Club

The main reason I came to INSEAD was to explore some entrepreneurial interests that I have. After taking on the leadership of the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club last week, Susie and I got to work straight away to build a plan for the club. Our aim for the club is to create a community for sharing ideas and motivating one another to be bold and try things out. I am not a fan of mission statements but the picture above shows some of the values that we as a club aim to subscribe to.

Around 30 people attended the meeting and we broke into groups to discuss what we wanted the group to achieve. The discussion was lively and we came away with 10 projects that we as a group hope to implement in the near future. With defined owners for each project, I am looking forward to seeing what output the teams are able to deliver. 

Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker talk about his experience of setting up a business in Asia in the recycling industry. I am really excited about what we might be able to achieve as a group and hope we can take advantage of the early momentum we have gathered! Please share any feedback or comments you have on how we can take the IEC to the next level and realise our IPO dreams one day ;)