Why Engineers Are Better Off Joining Startups

It is a great time to be an engineer. Gadgets from sci-fi movies of 10 years ago are creeping up on us and mobile devices/social networking have made the internet go mainstream. We are on the cusp of seeing world changing ideas becoming a reality when everyone is walking around with powerful computers connected to millions of people.

To top it all off, there is another technology boom happening right now. Anyone who has lived in Silicon Valley through a few business cycles can feel it just by watching the traffic on 101, or reading about “bubbles” in the tech press.

In the previous tech booms, a steady stream of top-notch technical graduates from other countries helped fill the recruiting needs of startups flush with VC money. But that is no longer the case. When I talk to recent top graduates from the IITs, my own alma-mater, I can clearly see the trend—very few of the rest of the world’s best recent graduates are planning to build their careers in the US over the next decade. In addition, we have multiple successful large companies, most notably Google and Facebook, which have hired huge numbers of engineers and plan to grow their hiring rates even more.

All this has caused a severe shortage of good engineering talent. Which is why, the time has never been better to work at a startup.

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