Mentorship and Giving Feedback

After my post on the Myers Briggs test, a few of you have commented that you would like to hear more about leadership, motivation and working in teams.

This week we tried a very interesting task in our small groups around giving effective feedback.

We each wrote what we thought each other member in the group should do MORE of, LESS of and CONTINUE to do. Each person was then given feedback by the rest of the group and able to respond to the comments. Despite being a potentially stressful exercise, there was a very frank and open discussion in our group.

I learnt that my group perceive me as a bit of a mystery man and they would like to hear more about my past experiences. They are also amazed at how much activity I pack into my days.

We are planning to repeat this exercise on a regular basis and it will be interesting to see how we each react to the feedback from our team.

We also studied the idea of mentorship and coaching. As a class we came up with a list of qualities that good mentors should have. I have shared a condensed list below - please add anything that you think is missing!

What makes an effective mentor? Someone who....
1. Gives you visibility in the organisation: shouts about your successes and shares responsibility in your mistakes.
2. Provides frank and honest feedback: voluntarily and involuntarily
3. Genuinely has an interest in helping others to succeed - even if they may surpass you in achievement
4. Is not a TORmentor: will not prevent you from going onto a bigger opportunity even though it may lead to some short-term pain for them.
5. Provides opportunities and food for thought
6. Acts a a sounding board and gives objective responses
7. Throws you in at the deep end and only helps when you are really drowning.