Month 1 - done!

Thanks to all of you who are reading the blog - now very close to 1000 visitors!

I am now one month into the MBA programme and decided to check how I am doing against my list of things I wanted to do this year....

(If I could add one more thing to the list it would be "to sleep more"...)

1. Have fun and meet new people
Going well! Meeting a lot of people on the course, have enjoyed some great nights out and spent some quality time with old friends. Am enjoying meeting people with very diverse/varied backgrounds and listening to the different opinions that arise in every discussion.

2. Travel to lots of places and see lots of thing (I want to hit 50 countries by 30 years of age):
Going well! Malaysia and Thailand visited and Indonesia to follow this week. Thinking about Myanmar and Philippines. 

3. Learn Mandarin
Not going well. Time to stick the podcasts onto my phone and to put the headphones in my ears!

4. Work on my business plan and think about how to execute on it
Going well! Have taken advantage of various connections through school to speak to VCs, incubators and entrepreneurs. Now time to turn the thinking into doing...

5. Take lots of risks - say yes more than no
Going ok. Have done a couple of very spontaneous trips and have attended things I wouldn't normally be too keen to go to. Still am finding it strange not having a regular routine for sleep and exercise.