The First Week - Working in Teams

They said this year was going to be tough and they were not lying! Having averaged 3-4 hours of sleep a night this week in between some studying, "networking" and socialising, I wanted to share some thoughts on teamwork and groups at INSEAD.

I met my study group for first time this week and am very pleased. I am with a Moroccan Engineer, Bulgarian Banker, Lebanese Management Consultant and a French-Canadian Restauranteur. We have a nice mix across age, gender and personality types.

On Thursday we spent the day on a teambuilding exercise doing various climbs, blindfolded tasks and intelligence games. Everyone in the group has a good sense of humour and the light teasing and banter has already started.

Class starts on Monday - lot of reading to do before then - question is when to do it between the ton of things on offer to see, do, eat and drink....!