A Very Palestinian Welcome

Shisha...nargileh...whatever you want to call it...very few pursuits can relax one so quickly. Today I went to Ramallah to experience some Palestinian hospitality. After crossing through the checkpoint from Jerusalem, i took a taxi into the centre of Ramallah. After visiting the Yasser Arafat memorial, I came across a very friendly young Palestinian man who insisted I join him and his friends for a smoke and a mint tea.

After having my belly filled with crunchy falafel and spicy houmous, the men broke out a mint and lemon shisha. From their West Bank rooftop, they showed me various notable places such as Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho and Nablus. As the sweet smoke wafted into the air, they discussed their dreams for their children and future generations. I wonder how many young people sit around the pipe daydreaming and discussing their future aspirations...
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