The Enterprise of One - Democratisation of Opportunity?

"Technology and the new landscape of enterprise now allow us to take the final strides toward the ideals upon which our country was based. We finally realize the ultimate extension of the founding concepts: the democratization of opportunity.
No longer do background, resources, education, or other former determinants of success control enterprise. Gone is the need to come from the right family, grow up on the right side of the tracks, or have access to the right resources. The opportunities provided by the transformation to an online business landscape, as well as the elimination of many barriers to entry and transaction costs, have left individual strengths, passions and expertise as the only distinguishing factors remaining in an individual’s or business’ success. Who you are as a person, and your expertise and passions, are more important than ever. In fact, they drive your own personal enterprise. Today, everyone is an Enterprise of One"

My own view is that we are maybe one generation away from this democratisation....I would be keen to hear the views of others...!