The Distribution of Education

With a week to go until I fly to Singapore to begin the INSEAD MBA, I was tidying through some papers in my flat. One of the scraps of paper contained a list of reasons as to why I wanted to do an MBA. Near the top of that list was:
"in order to learn some additional skills that will enable me to create and develop a successful and innovative e-learning product"

Today I came across the attached video (Thanks Ben Shearon!) which gives a nice summary of how technology has enabled greater accessibility to education. I am excited about exploring some of these implications in the next 3 years and am enjoying talking to other entrepreneurs in the field with similar realised and unrealised ambitions.

Do comment below if you have ideas that you would like to exchange around using technology to remove barriers to accessibility for education. The field is active and exciting at present but I believe that a couple of gaps in the market exist for new offerings....!